Tilt and Turn Windows

Tilt & Turn windows have been a standard in the Germany for the past 40 years and are quickly becoming the window system of choice in most European homes. These windows combine functionality with security and also offer emergency exit access, easy cleaning and unique style. They can easily be operated with one hand and can be deadlocked if needed. The multi-point locking mechanism compresses the acoustic & central EPDM gasket from all sides in multiple places creating an airtight seal, which will, in turn, improve sound & heat/cold insulation and enhance the security of your home. Unlike a traditional window, the hardware mechanism in these windows allows it to open completely to the inside making them easy to clean from the inside of your house. If you want modern windows that offer more choice when it comes to opening and closing, tilt and turn windows will almost certainly be your best option.

The following are some advantages of Tilt and Turn windows

  • Security and safety
    Your home is your castle and the place where you keep your most treasured possessions. Choosing the right frames and hardware for your windows and doors will increase the security of your home, without compromising on style. Perfect Tilt & Turn Windows are all fitted with our high-security multi-point locking mechanisms, which have been proven to exceed the latest performance requirements of the Industry. Very importantly, the perfect Tilt & Turn window also meets strict fire and safety regulations. The side-opening function allows the window to be used as an effective fire escape. It is ideal for security with air circulation in the room.
  • Energy Efficiency
    Our homes and buildings are responsible for almost half of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Over 25% of the heat escaping from an average home is lost through its windows and doors. You can shrink your carbon footprint and lower your fuel bills by choosing perfect’s energy-efficient window system to reduce the amount of heat lost through your windows. The perfect Tilt & Turn Window system consistently achieves high energy ratings by using multiple chambers to lock in the heat and high-performance seals to ensure that there are no gaps for heat to escape.
  • Performance
    Excellent weathering performance is guaranteed. Our windows are subjected to continual testing for wind resistance, air permeability, and water tightness, so you can be confident you will be protected from the elements no matter what the weather is. Years of engineering experience mean that you can have total confidence in the durability and longevity of our window frames.
  • Maintenance
    Maintenance couldn’t be easier, a damp, soft cloth is all it takes to clean an Aluminium frame – no more painting every thirteen to Fifteen years.

Why choose our Tilt and Turn windows?

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We install energy-efficient, high-security tilt and turn windows with multi-point locking mechanisms. Providing excellent weather resistance and easy maintenance, all an Aluminium frame requires is a damp, soft cloth to clean.

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