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Sliding doors (also commonly called patio doors) are the perfect solution if you are looking for an affordable way to maximize your view of your living or office space. They automatically transform any space, while also inviting in much more light than standard doors. We have a few different varieties of sliding doors on offer, suited to different requirements and budgets. Our sliding doors run on smooth-sliding adjustable rollers and are fully weather-sealed.

They are available in two or three panels with one panel always fixed. Coupled with top-lights or sidelights, they can cover large openings, or form part of an enclosure or facade. Sliding doors can also be incorporated as part of a shop front feature and can be fitted with automatic door mechanisms.

  • Sliding doors have excellent weather sealing.
  • Designing of this kind of doors allow installing side-lights or top-lights for additional lighting to the interior. Sidelight/other system for more light and ventilation.
  • Various glass options are available in this type of doors such as toughened glass or laminated safety glass or tinted in a wide range of colours.
  • The ideal size of 2 panel sliding door Sizes up to 2.6m in width, and up to 2.4m in height. 4 panel sliding door Sizes up to 6m in width, and up to 2.4m in height. In the other system there is no size limit in sliding doors, it is available in extremely large size also.
  • 3 different ranges of doors are available – Single; double or triple glaze

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All of our sliding doors are weather-sealed and slide smoothly on adjustable rollers.

A fixed panel is always included in the set of two or three panels. Additional light and ventilation are provided by a sidelight or other system. For this type of door, you can choose from toughened glass, laminated safety glass or tinted glass in a variety of colours.  There are 3 different ranges of doors – single, double, or triple glazing.

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