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Aluminium doors and windows maintenance is a terrible job?

Perfect Glaze Aluminium windows and doors are dedicatedly crafted that they are maintenance friendly. A small opening is provided in the panels so that the water collected in rainy days can be quickly drained out. The windows and doors are air tight keeping the dust outside and making it sound & waterproof.

Aluminium Windows and Doors are durable?

Yes, Aluminium is a highly durable substance which can be easily melded in any design without being hampered. The windows and doors made by following proper standards can be the strongest one. The PG products are hard to break and strong making them highly reliable and safe.

Aluminium windows and doors can be found in various colours?

PG provides you with Indian made International products by offering you various choices of colours from the RAL colour scheme. The RAL colour scheme is recognized all over the world. PG ensures uniformity with international colour coding.

Is the PG product rust free?

PG uses only 6063-T6 Aluminium Alloy which is the purest form of aluminium which is corrosion free. Also, aluminium itself forms a layer of protection when exposed to outside air.

How is PG Aluminium system safe?

PG Aluminium Systems come with a multi-locking system which doubles the security. The multi-locking system adds multiple locks in the aluminum panel. It ranges from two to sixteen. Additionally, guiding bolts are installed with the locking system to ensure a long life of the locks. Hence, keeping the security high and making them burglary proof.

What types of glasses are long lasting?

Type of glass depends on the size of panels and climatic condition. PG customizes the panels as per the customers’ needs and architectural standards. The windows and doors are available in single or double glazing or laminated glasses too. It is tested at different climatic conditions to ensure proper safety and security. It helps to keep out the outside heat and cold out and gives a comfortable living climate. Various designs and patterns are available as per client’s preference.

What technology is used to join two parts?

Perfect Glaze itself is a joint-less organization to work on a job. As is it believed that a unit which joint-less looks beautiful and strongest. PG uses unique modern machinery to join two parts of a unit. They are beautifully joined without the utilization of any screw or bolt, making them so tightly attached that they look like one piece. This makes them robust and unbreakable for a lifetime.

Can I get an estimate over the phone?

We prefer not to do estimates over the phone because of the nature of work we provide. Several factors affect your estimate and the amount of labour involved can be an important factor to your estimate.

How long does it take to get an estimate?

This depends on if we have to set up an appointment or if we are doing a ride-by estimate. If you set up an appointment, your estimate will be given to you at that time. If you are having a ride-by estimate done (where you are not present at the time of the estimate) we normally have these done within 10 days.

What forms of payment does Perfect Glaze (India) Pvt. Ltd. accept?

We currently accept cash and Cheque.

Does Perfect Glaze Ltd do any financing?

We currently do not do any financing. Please contact your financial institution for information regarding finance options for your home improvement projects

What is the difference between internal and externally glazed windows? Which do you recommend?

Internally glazed windows have the glazing beads, which secure the double glazed unit in place, on the inside. Externally glazed windows have the glazing beads on the outside. From a security point of view most people would recommend internally glazed units, as it is not possible to remove the glass from the outside. However, using an externally glazed window with security tape on the inside of the glass makes it virtually impossible to remove the glass directly from the outside.

A wedge gasket system offers a similar security improvement. Again the wedge gaskets need to be removed from the inside before the external glazing beads can be removed. With an internally glazed system there is approximately 10mm extra of aluminium on each side of the sash, so you will have more glass and less aluminium on externally glazed windows. Transoms and mullions are usually welded with internally glazed Aluminium systems and mechanically fixed with externally glazed systems.

For higher buildings with more than just ground and first floor, it is easier to fit internally glazed windows as most of the work is done from the inside. We do offer both options and can show you the difference when we come to see you.

Does Perfect Glaze Ltd do any financing?

We currently do not do any financing. Please contact your financial institution for information regarding finance options for your home improvement projects

We currently do not do any financing. Please contact your financial institution for information regarding finance options for your home improvement projects

What is the best toughened glass or laminated glass? What is the difference? Is one more secure than the other?

Toughened and Laminated glass are both what is known as ‘Safety Glass’. It is normally (and indeed it must be) fitted in areas of danger such as doors, and windows close to the floor, where there is a danger of injury from falling against it. Both ‘break safely’. Toughened glass is heated and cooled (tempered) during manufacturing which makes it harder to break than normal float glass. When it does break, it shatters into very small pieces which cannot cause serious injury. Laminated glass is actually two sheets of glass with a clear film sandwiched in-between. When this is broken it stays in place, still stuck to the inner film.

Your new windows/doors should automatically have Safety Glass where it is legally required by Building Regulations. This will normally be toughened glass, which is cheaper to produce than laminated glass. It is not necessary to fit it elsewhere.

Sometimes laminated glass is used for very large panes because it can be produced in larger sizes than toughened. Laminated glass is sometimes considered to be better purely from a security viewpoint because, although it breaks more easily, it stays in place.

Bear in mind that if laminated glass is put into opening windows, or doors, it is much heavier than toughened glass and will produce much more ‘wear and tear’ on the hinges.

What is Secondary Double Glazing?

Secondary glazing is another window fitted on the inside of your existing window, this is usually with aluminium with or without a hardwood sub-frame, it is sometimes called secondary windows. Secondary glazing can be used in addition to double glazing in particularly noisy areas, e.g. close to airport. It could also be used when existing windows are not to be replaced and are single glazed, e.g. in a listed building.

I am looking for supply only, as my builder will be installing the windows in our extension. Is this possible?

Whilst we prefer to supply and install, we are happy to do a supply only job.

What are equal sight lines?

If you look at a double glazing installation and you cannot tell which the openers are and which are the fixed panes, then you’re probably looking at equal sight lines. With equal sight lines you either have an opener or a dummy opener (dummy vent). This is an opening sash which doesn’t open, so it’s the same size as an opener. With non-equal sight lines the openers jut out more than the fixed panes. Aesthetically, equal sight lines look more pleasing to the eye, and you will get more aluminium and less glass.

How often residential windows should be replaced?

Homeowners with windows over 25 years old should consider replacing them, both to gain the best energy efficiencies and to protect the “envelope” of the house. A home is an ideal candidate for a window replacement if its windows are sealed or painted shut, experiences ice build-up or a frosty glaze during the winter, gets fogged with condensation or has drafts that come through the windows. For relatively new houses (less then 10 years) it depends on quality of windows installed by your builder. Some or our customers are not very lucky and they starting to replace their windows in new housed after 5 – 7 years.

What is Argon gas?

Argon and other inert gasses also will reduce the loss of heat through an insulating glass unit. Since inert gasses are heavier than air, their molecules do not move as easily. This makes the space between the panes of glass in the window less conductive. Inert gasses between the two panes of glass make it more difficult for the warmer inside air to pass through the glass to the colder outside. With lower heat loss, the R-value is increased.

What is Low-E?

The technical name of Low-E glass is actually Low-Emissivity, High-Transmittance, which means that Low-E reduces the amount of heat loss while still maintaining a high level of visible light coming through the glass. Low-E glass is one of the factors that determine the R-value, or insulation quality, of the glass. Low-E glass has a metallic coating on the inside of the outside pane. The coating will help keep your house warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. It also cuts down on the transmission of light slightly.

Why do windows sweat?

Air is composed of several gases, one of which is moisture vapor. When air comes in contact with the Dew-point Temperature, the air is chilled and Condensation takes place with a residue of water on the surface of the glass

What is Single, double or triple glaze?

ngle glazing is a single pane of glass and is best used in garages and tool sheds buildings that don’t need to be extremely energy efficient. Double-glazed windows have two panes of glass with either air or a safe, colourless and odourless gas tightly sealed between the panes. Double glaze is industry standard for residential houses and you probably will not find somebody who will offer you single pane windows. When its glass is treated with Low E coating, the window can achieve a value of R4 at the centre point of the glass. The most energy efficient window is a triple-glazed window. Gases are sealed between three panes of glass and Low E coatings are applied on two of the panes. This can bring the energy efficiency up to a value of R8 at the centre point of the glass.

Why 24-30mm glazing pocked?

Double glazing grew from an overall thickness of 20mm to 24mm and finally settled on 28mm even though thermally, with either air or argon cavities, 24mm is the optimum size.

We can go for 30mm thick DGU for better acrostic and thermal insulation in fix window.

Verity of locking available?
We provide 1 point looking till 5 point locking options. Specially shoot bolt locking for high security. (Picture or symbol for justifying function of shoot bolt locking)

Is it available in the wood finish?
Yes, (describe beautiful of wooden finish and picture of available colour)

How to clean mosquito net?

Perfect glaze India has derived a solution for a security install grill in the aluminium casement window. MS/SS bars run through a powder coated round or oval aluminium sleeves. So we can get good appearance in a security grill also. “A security without Compromising on an Aesthetic view of the Windows.”

Is it possible to install a security grill in the window frame?

Perfect glaze provides Mosquito net made of high-quality nylon wire. It is fitted with the aluminium profile. Both can be essay clean with clean water without afraid of rusting / corrosion. In casement, it essays to remove and fit mosquito pen for washing it the very essay.

Why EPDM gasket?

a. EPDM means ethylene propylene dyne monomer
b. Outstanding sealing properties in extreme weather conditions and excellent temperature stability (–50° to +120°C).
c. If compared to gaskets made from other materials, EPDM gaskets are extremely resistant to wear, aging, weather influences, ozone, and UV-light.

Why design limitation?

Perfect glaze system windows are tested and certified for guaranty performance for the long duration. As perfect glaze always take care and works for creating good relationship in long term to the customer by providing smooth operation and high security of window for a long time. That is why Perfect glaze suggests designing window, door, curtain wall and conservatory in its technical limitation based on tests.

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