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  • Our windows and doors are cost efficient, saving your money on energy and gas, and increasing the resale value of your property.
  • We are specializing in making windows and doors design solutions to your needs.
  • We ensure long durability of our product and provide warranty in writing.
  • Our locking system and quality of material enhance the security factor of your property.
  • A smooth operation of windows and doors prevent mental disturbance and provides the complete peace inside your campus.
  • The heavy duty mosquito net will protect your house against mosquito and various other insects also.
  • Significant noise reduction glazing configurations can be created to suit almost any requirement.
  • Our products do not require any maintenance apart from cleaning.
  • Any size and design are possible. We have an extensive range of windows and doors.
  • Hardware and accessories are well designed and tested for best performance.
  • We offer a choice of more than 400 RAL colours: gloss, matt, metallic, anodized or wood finish.
  • Our Aluminium sections have minimum sightline to ensure maximum daylight in your property.
  • Resist atmospheric pollution & chemical corrosion.

Why Aluminium?

Metal Properties

Material properties such as light weight combined with high strength and resistance to corrosion contribute to low environmental loading. After iron, aluminium is now the second most widely used metal in the world. This is because aluminium has a unique combination of attractive properties. Aluminium offers a lot of advantages, whether your particular field is new build or renovation.

Aluminium can be reused for the same purposes over and over again. Unlike many other materials, aluminium does not lose its unique properties. Furthermore, recycling requires only 5% of the original energy input.


Many metals are structurally weakened by the oxidation process, but not aluminium. Aluminium can actually be made stronger and more durable through a process called ‘anodizing’ In the process of Anodisation the original structure of the aluminium remains visible. The profiles are submerged in a chemical bath where artificial oxidation occurs. In this way, the pores of the profiles are teased open. The profiles are then coloured in a bath of metal oxide. To finish, the pores are re-closed in a special steam bath. The Anodisation of aluminium profiles and accessories always complies with calanoid regulations. The anodized aluminium is the second hardest substance known to man, second only to the diamond. The quality of lacquered and anodized profiles is the same and both are suitable for aggressive environments, such as swimming pools and coastal areas, thanks to the special surface treatment.


Design Flexibility
As we have discussed about the strength of Aluminium, we must know that aluminium has the highest flexibility which is positive side for design of profile. Aluminium can provide a thin to a broad line structure with high strength without compromising on aesthetic look. So it is a fact that design variants are more in aluminium than in any other material so for.

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