Fixed Windows

Non-opening, minimalist and standard profile, it maximizes your favourite views and creates extra light. Our fixed windows make for the perfect replacement of old windows. Their aluminium profile maximizes the viewing area. The basic function of a window is to admit daylight in acceptable and consistent quantities while maintaining the ambient temperature inside the house – this is your overall comfort level. The Fixed windows are ideal when the customer wishes to have a large expanse of a window to allow for a panoramic view. They can be easily and elegantly combined with any other window style. As well as offering standard shapes and sizes, our fixed windows can be made to a wide array of custom architectural requirements, including arches. Fixed windows are also known as picture windows.

The following are some advantages of Fixed windows

  • Costs: Picture windows are fixed, so there are no mechanical parts to break. This eliminates the costs associated with purchasing replacement parts. The lack of mechanical activity also means the windows cost less than other similarly sized windows with moving parts.
  • Heat Gain : During the winter months, the heat from the sun helps warm the room. Using a natural source of heat reduces heating costs.
  • Natural Light : Picture windows come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but even small picture windows allow lots of natural light in.

Why choose our Fixed windows?

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A fixed window is cost-effective because there are no moving mechanical parts. Although we build a variety of sizes and shapes of picture windows, even small windows provide a lot of natural light.

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